Third Generation Farms Sampler 0.5lb total


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858 in stock

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In this sampler, we will include 2 ounces each of all four Third Generation Farms (formerly Valley View) strains: Elektra, Lifter, Hawaiian Haze, and Suver Haze. It’s perfect if you want to experience variety and don’t want to commit to a single strain.

The samples you receive will be representative. If you order larger quantities, you should expect and will receive the same high-quality hemp flower.


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2 reviews for Third Generation Farms Sampler 0.5lb total

  1. Roberto on Feb 28, 2020

    Most beautiful and aromatic flowers I received from anywhere in the last year sampler pack very beautiful buds good variety great deal can guarantee business again😁❤💯

  2. Adam Outlaw on Feb 08, 2020

    2.8.2020 Fresh buds like if ur looking for something to be happy with trust me TRY Hlulu or S.Haze or Electra or Lifter all good and fresh ! just being honest ✔ delivered today
    8 0z total 1/2 lbs for around $200+ bucks from market place on this site like search for it Bottom of Home page. Like go In on a 16 0z’s =
    or even 8 0z’s with ur buddies or mom or pops brother. my personal 1/2 lbs received 4 different strains mentioned above. If you have doubts pick up the phone and call these guys Or better yet email them. I did both. Evan wrote me back matter fact so did Lindsay So anyways, my point is great customer service fast shipping superb top notch. No worries with PJ ~ Trust me. I have very high standards. Also I’m actually taking the time to tell you guys about it !! So Order up order everything trust me. It’s worth a TRY And no I am no way affiliated with PJ, but I do plan on going up there to hang out with Evan. 1DAY Haha on the PJ wonka tour ✈ Enjoy folks !
    · Adam Outlaw~

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