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We want to make it as easy to buy wholesale hemp flower and concentrates as possible. 

While creating our brand, Plain Jane, we’ve networked with dozens of farmers. Through this marketplace, you can buy the best hemp directly. We built our own business by creating this network and now we want to share it.

Only the finest hemp, only American.

Stay tuned for updates. We’re constantly adding in new farms and products as the harvests come in.

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All of our retail ready products are already regularly used by 10,000s of our customers

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We have answers to all our the most common questions here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to email us at marketplace@tryplainjane.com

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    Discover the ultimate destination for wholesale hemp enthusiasts at the Plain Jane Marketplace. Immerse yourself in a world where quality meets variety, featuring an exclusive selection of wholesale hemp flower, concentrates, and retail-ready products. Each item is carefully curated to ensure the highest standards of purity and potency, direct from American farms to you. With Plain Jane, experience the ease of access to top-tier hemp products, ensuring your journey is filled with only the finest offerings. Embrace the harmony of premium quality and seamless shopping today at Plain Jane Marketplace.


    Plain Jane was started to make CBD hemp flower products more accessible and affordable. We now have more than 75,000 customers in almost all of the United States. Our goal is simple. To get you the best CBD flower at the best prices.


    We’re located in Southern Oregon and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. All of our CBD flower is sourced from small American family farms. We have a variety of products including: CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD joints. With more than 20 hemp strains, we source the highest quality outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor flower.


    We are the original creators of the first low smell CBD cigarette. Using a water curing process, we are able to remove the traditional cannabis smells and then the flavor comes from the cigarette paper. This gives our hemp cigarettes the familiar taste without any of the tobacco and zero nicotine. We also offer a full flavor hemp smoke, naturally loaded with hemp terpenes.


    We work with more than 15 farms, mostly located nearby us in Southern Oregon. We also have our own small hemp farm to provide high quality greenhouse flower with unique hemp genetics. We are strong believers in regenerative farming and sustainable practices.